As on Jun 23, 2022
As on Jun 23, 2022
Domestic Market
IndicesToday's ClosePrevious CloseAbsolute Change% Change
BSE SENSEX 52,727.98 52,265.72 462.26 0.884
S&P CNX Nifty 15,699.25 15,556.65 142.6 0.917
Nifty 500 13,322.5 13,178.8 143.7 1.09
Nifty Next 50 36,616.3 36,141.1 475.2 1.315
S&P BSE Mid-Cap 21,803.16 21,474.82 328.34 1.529
BSE Smallcap 24,521.93 24,136.33 385.6 1.598
India VIX Index 20.55 20.88 -0.33 -1.58
Domestic Market News
  • The broader market outperformed the benchmarks. The S&P BSE Mid-Cap index rose 1.53% while the S&P BSE Small-Cap index gained 1.60%.
  • As per provisional closing data, the barometer index, the S&P BSE Sensex, up 462.26 points or 0.88% to 52,727.98. The Nifty 50 index gained 142.60 points or 0.92% to 15,699.25.
  • The key equity barometers closed with strong gains on Friday, rising for the second straight day. Global stock markets jumped amid cooling commodity prices. The lower commodity prices are expected to help the manufacturing sector by easing their input costs. It will also help control overall inflation. The Nifty closed near 15,700 level after hitting the day~s low of 15,619.45 in early afternoon trade. Barring the IT index, all the sectoral indices on the NSE ended in the green.
International Market
IndicesToday's ClosePrevious CloseAbsolute Change% Change
Dow Jones 31,329.430,663.501 665.899 2.125
Nasdaq 11,499.2611,225.84 273.42 2.378
FTSE 100 7,208.817,015.396 193.414 2.683
Dax Index 13,118.1312,909.318 208.812 1.592
Shanghai Composite 3,349.7473,319.885 29.862 0.891
Hang Seng 21,719.0621,264.554 454.506 2.093
Nikkei 26,491.9726,167.32 324.65 1.225
Kospi 2,366.62,313.139 53.461 2.259
International Market News
  • Singapore consumer price inflation and core inflation increased more than expected in May, data published by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Ministry of Trade and Industry showed. Consumer prices increased 5.6 percent year-on-year in May, following a 5.4 percent rise in April. The latest increase was due to the rise in core inflation, accommodation, and private transport costs. MAS core inflation rose to 3.6 percent in May from 3.3 percent in the previous month.
  • The US stock indices saw steady gains. All major averages closed the session firmly in positive territory.
  • European shares moved up ahead of the weekend with major indices rising more than 1%.
  • Asian stocks moved up on Friday. Major gains were seen in Chinese and Hong Kong indices.
Debt Market
IndicesToday's ClosePrevious CloseAbsolute Change% Change
TREP 4.774.73 0.04 0.846
3 Month CD 5.255.25 Unch* Unch*
6 Month CD 5.9755.975 Unch* Unch*
1 year CD 6.5256.525 Unch* Unch*
1 year CP 6.86.62 0.18 2.642
1 year T-Bill 6.246.24 Unch* Unch*
1 year AAA 6.516.51 Unch* Unch*
5 year AAA 7.547.55 -0.01 -0.132
10 year G_SEC 7.4447.419 0.025 0.337
Debt Market News
  • The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note was last seen trading marginally lower at 3.06%.
  • The yield on the benchmark US 10-year Treasury note fell to its lowest level in almost two weeks on Thursday.
  • The benchmark 10-year 6.54% G sec 2032 bond yield held above 7.43%.
  • Domestic bond yields continued to stay elevated.
Commodity Last% Change
Gold (10 gm)51,317 0.066
Silver (1 kg)66,740 -0.346
Crude Oil (Rs/barrel)8,169 3.157
Commodity News
  • The WTI Crude oil futures moved up from recent lows and consolidated around 104.60 per barrel, up 0.33% on the day as the Russia-Ukraine war escalates.
  • The opening price for 999 purity gold was Rs 50,776 per 10 grams, down Rs 77 from Thursday's closing price of Rs 50,853, while 999 purity silver opened at Rs 59,666 per kg, dropping Rs 333 from Rs 59,999. Read below to find out bullion prices for today. 
Currency Exchange Rates
Currency Rate
Currency News
  • The rupee opened 12 paise up at 78.20 against the US dollar on Friday.
Global Interest Rates
Global Interest Rates%
LIBOR 3 Months2.197
US Treasury 2 Years3.038
US Treasury 10 Years3.123
Germany 10 year1.437
Uk 10 Year2.302
Japan 10 year0.23
Fll Trends
Fll NumbersUS ($) million
FII Debt313.01
FII Equity-334.09
Liquidity %
Reverse Repo3.35
Corporate Yields Matrix
Tenors AAA-CorpAA+AA AA-A+AA-
3 Month CD 5.736.0926.397.3167.7668.5419.316
6 Month CD6.1266.4896.7867.7138.1638.9389.713
1 Year AAA CBY6.7197.0897.3868.2268.6769.45110.226
2 Year AAA CBY6.9757.3427.6228.438.889.65510.43
3 Year AAA CBY7.4137.7868.0468.7629.2129.98710.762
5 Year AAA CBY7.5077.9278.1828.9259.37510.1510.925
7 Year AAA CBY7.6688.0968.3769.0299.47910.25411.029
10 Year AAA CBY7.8018.1548.4849.269.7110.48511.26
Investment Jargon
  • Call Swaption: A type of option between two parties that can be exercised on a swap where the buyer of the swap has the right, but not obligation, to receive an agreed upon fixed interest rate.
Investment Mantra
  • Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you begin to earn more. –Jack Benny

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